Here are some commonly asked questions about the club.

I don’t know how to play. Can you teach me?

Certainly! There’s almost always someone available at the club, even on match nights, who will be more than willing to teach you how to play or help beginners to improve their game.

Can I play for one of your teams?

We currently have 4 teams in the Gwent 4-Board League so, there are plenty of options for playing match chess if you feel ready.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. We have to pay fees to register players and the club with the Gwent Chess Association, the Welsh Chess Union and so on. We also have to pay fees to enter teams in competitions and occasionally, we need to buy new equipment. Membership is about £30 per year depending on things like age and whether or not you need to be registered with the various organisations.

Are children allowed at the club?

We would love your child to come along. However, for child protection reasons, under 16s should be accompanied by a parents/guardian unless otherwise agreed with the club.

Can I advertise my book/service on your website?

If you want us to review your book or other service, we are happy to do so but would need to be able to see it first. Please contact us to arrange to send a review copy.